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There are many ways to learn English. Effective and ineffective. Basic and unconventional. If you prefer traditional methods, select . Fans of experimentation you can use a different technique on the songs. Listen to audio recordings, follow the text, translate it, and then perceive by ear without prompting, but if you want to sing along.

This method is good because the beautiful melody creates a good mood. A simple motif is easy to remember. Favorite songs you can listen to on repeat all day. The more you hear English speech, the more to memorize foreign words. So developing the skill of listening. But you must have sufficient level of knowledge to understand what they hear. For beginners the method is irrelevant, only if we are not talking about children's songs. Also, it cannot be used as a primary only as an additional method of language learning. Another requirement for the improvement of skills in addition to listening to use text support and translation.

What songs to pick?

the best option of songs in the genres of jazz, Blues, country, folk, musicals and Opera. Simple melody, the words to chant, correctly structured sentences. In contrast to the rap. It is not suitable for expanding vocabulary. Too many in the verses of slang. Besides, reading very fast. Rock, alternative, pop, R B controversial genres. Some songs contain gross grammatical and lexical errors. Such hits are not suitable for learning English. Backing vocals, singing too. Prefer his solo performances.

get started?

With a minimum level of knowledge to teach English in the songs, too. But they are childish. The words are clear, the pronunciation is clear. Such compositions develop an ear for music articulation, memory.

to improve diction, pronunciation of individual sounds, see the genre of rap. If for vocabulary, he will not do, for the phonetic warm-up will do. Enough to learn one verse of favorite tracks and speak it at the beginning of class.

How to learn the language of the songs?

listen to the audio file is not enough. You need to have the text follow it. And then translate. To perceive the words by ear is very difficult, even familiar, as the manner of execution is different for everyone. To say nothing of unfamiliar phrases, the meaning of which is unclear. Don't waste time on detailed translation if they are not meaningful. Even electronic dictionaries take time. The main idea and the overall meaning understandable? You can postpone the text aside and listen to the song again. And so the learning process became more interesting, start to sing along to his favorite artist. Not yet learned the words, use textual support. As a result of multiple repetition you will learn the verse, but also develop the skills of speaking and listening. Is the best way to learn English through karaoke songs.

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