Vertical radiators to save space


Vertical radiators, only appeared on the market, managed to gain large popularity. Today they are an important component of the heating system of any apartment or home. Assistance in the selection of a suitable vertical radiator will have a specialist. He will recommend a specific model tailored to your wishes, needs, and also taking into account the characteristics of the particular room in which it is planned to use. If the horizontal batteries located primarily under the window openings and prevent the penetration of cold air from Windows, that can be placed on any vertical surface. An important condition is to entrust the task of assembling a competent craftsmen. These radiators are heavy, the design should in some way be fastened to the wall to stay reliable for many years. Professionals can handle the task quickly and will give all of the guarantee.

If you are interested in purchasing a truly high-quality heating appliances, the cost of which would thus be available, welcome to the website of the company Nord-Hit . It successfully exists since 2012, the number of its regular customers as individuals, and various organizations. They have been able to see that the company Nord-Hit - is a reliable partner, able to cope even with complicated non-standard tasks.

What you can find in the catalog?

  • Curved, tubular, vertical radiators;
  • the
  • outdoor heaters;
  • the
  • duct heaters and many other solutions.

They are delivered promptly to Moscow and St. Petersburg and regions of Russia. Conditions of delivery in each case are discussed with the customer. He can count on a flexible price policy, individual approach.

Trusted vertical designer radiators will be a good investment.

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