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the Convenient service of online trading platforms used by many residents of Russia. To make purchases in domestic online stores has become almost commonplace, the Russians have long appreciated the convenience and speed of online purchase along with . But to most beneficial to buy the product, you can use the services of foreign virtual shopping.

Why it is profitable to buy goods in online stores of the Russian Federation abroad?

when Ordering different types of products in foreign online stores, the Russians have a great opportunity to get high-quality and reliable products with minimal intermediary costs. Such a purchase will cost less because it is not clocked up all sorts of additional costs, which are in the usual outlets. There is no need to pay for rent, pay the salaries of the sellers, besides the goods are not there are all sorts of taxes and fees.

All of this significantly reduces the final cost of purchases in foreign online stores. For example, the branded jeans of Levi's on the site Amazon or Ebay in USA can be purchased for 28-30 $. Weight (g/M) about 600/800 grams, so shipping to Russia will cost 5-7/10-12$. In the domestic luxury brand boutiques these jeans are 7000-8500 rubles. The difference, even with shipping noticeable.

Real sale of products online services

But most Russian buyers are attracted all kinds of sales, which are held abroad several times a year. Unlike domestic trading platforms, then you can truly take advantage of real discounts that allows a great thing to buy for half, a third, a 10% (or even less) of the original price. It is on such black Friday , cybermanagement and other superradio you can make a real bargain.

Purchase in online micro credits

When lack of a certain amount urgently to buy in online store great product, you can use the convenient service of the Russian microfinance organizations. They allow online, just 15-30 minutes to arrange a loan and get money in different ways. This amount can be translated:

  • on the Bank card;
  • paid to one of the international virtual e-payment;
  • transferred to the Bank account, etc.

These loan funds immediately to pay for goods, and then to be able to repay the microcredit.

Receipt of goods from foreign online stores

while shopping at different online platforms abroad from Russia, you need to be willing to wait until the goods will arrive in the country. Of course, you can use a variety of services, urgent international delivery, but payment for their services just eat all the benefits that were obtained on the acquisition of things.

Our compatriots like to buy in Chinese online stores. You can buy good products at a price several times lower than in our country. Just need to be prepared for the fact that some things can only be obtained after 1-2 months until they get to Russia in different ways.


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