Variety of washing machines

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The usual wooden box, with only  that is excellent in that it has a movable frame. The first washing machine was manually operated, the founder was William Blackstone. Laundress facilitate the work of the Germans, respectively laundresses were from Europe. 1908 was the beginning of washing machines with electric drive. Occupation laundress slowly began to leave the past in the goal, started the mechanization of labor.ITlife tell us about the classification of washing machines.

Classification washing machines

Drum machines often differ from the activator is that it becomes much wash carefully and gently, authorization passes easier, there is an economy Vod, meanwhile activator complex and less reliableto use, which makes it less immediately purchased for the general consumer. This has resulted in the emergence of automatic drum type it.

Mark can also be automatic and semi-automatic. Software control is available only in automatic machines, semi-automatic characterized by its absence, its management has onlybutton to set the desired time. Automation in different machines, they differ in the degree: You can start from the usual washing of the pre-selected program and complete physical assessment of all the nuances of the wash (water, detergent, spin speed).

You can also classify by Download the conventional method of the washing machine:frontal and vertical. Vertical load may often have it activator machine. But at the same time, the drum can easily be front or top loading. But the front has a way to download a small feature, the hatch in such machines make transparent.

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