Smart Genie column: mobile assistant for Google's Assistant!


do Not continue as last week, Google finally released the official Russian version of the mobile voice assistant.

I mean, now that the Assistant understands commands in Russian, you can ask him, for example, make a call, send message, set a reminder, hear the latest news and/or weather, make the entry in the calendar, play music, etc. is Very convenient, I must say.

But to mobile Google-the assistant (and by the way, not only with him but also with Apple's Siri, Alexa, Amazon, and Microsoft-ovsky Cortana) life has become even more convenient to team caught it (she) even better, and the smartphone to play a sound (music, calls, films) more powerful and better, guaranteed not to hurt the Genie.

What kind of Genie is this?

the Genie is a compact wireless smart speaker, which is specifically designed to work with a modern voice assistants. In mobile and non-mobile mode, around the clock, in any language (set of 50), with any smartphone (tablet player or laptop), and also moderately loud and clear.

Why Genie?

Well, it's obvious. However, if you need specific arguments, they have too. At least 5, but very good. So, consider:


#1 - Smart!

Because after all 2018 in the yard. And the level of competition in the market of mobile communication devices and associated equipment for them is through the roof. New smartphones on sale appear continuously. Barely one company to come up and release something more or less new, the other immediately does something else newer and better. Because Genie is a function of Smart Voice, through which column the same quality work even with the old, though with new devices, and supports iOS and Android, and most importantly, always hear and easily recognize the voice of its owner and instantly activates the voice assistant smartphone. Also any...


#2 - Beautiful!

Again, 2018 already. The appearance of mobile devices is constantly being improved, and not every user can afford a mobile accessory that would match the quality of design and build his new iPhone X, Pixel 2 XL, Galaxy S9, Note 9, and soBut the designers of Genie their salaries got too not for your beautiful eyes. The column turned out attractive, but not flashy. Because she never looks brighter than the smartphone, suitable to anyone (any age and gender), to any outfit and always looks appropriate in any pleasing surroundings: in the office, in the car, in a hostel, in public transport, on the shelf of the closet and on the beach. Little Genie does not seek a surprise to anyone, designer delights, it is just a convenient, very elegant and functional speaker for your smartphone.


#3 is Easy!

Well, how else? She's mobile. Why bore its owner's excess weight and need every time to look for speakers? Genie weighs less than 200 g (as a watch with a bracelet), easily fits in the pocket of a backpack, in the bag for the laptop and just in your pocket, never clings and does not prevent to wear/to carry yourself, wherever you go.


#4 - Strong

... and hardy. the first, it is not necessary to frequently charge. Charge built-in battery (1800 mAh, among other things) is enough for day work. If increased load - up to 10 hours of continuous audio playback, or up to 5 hours at full volume. This means that, say, the fan art Kendrick Lamar album DAMN 2-inch broadband emitter and a 360-degree audio effects processor Genie "twist" can five times in a row, all of the available power and with all copyright bass (Full Bass from speakers, by the way, is also available).

second, so the Genie is able to work in any location where its user. Graceful Genie actually made in shockproof housing, secured standard IPX5 (protection against water, dirt, dust, sand and snow). So, the beach, mountains and forests - it is not a problem.


#5 - Wireless!

This is to ensure that the Bluetooth module should have a Genie too, not just some, but CSR 4.0 with EDR support, A2DP, AVRCP plus system to help eliminate interference Anti-Distortion Circuitry (hence - and this is a great bass, which, apparently, it is not clear where these dimensions). After the first pairing, nothing more pressing is not necessary, the mobile column is connected to the machine. It also has a built-in microphone and a mode "hands-free", because, as a speakerphone, it, too, if necessary, to work can.

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