What are the different types of pools?

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Initially, all swimming pools are divided into 2 types: above ground or underground , and then divide them by the type of material from which they are built. Select the type of pool will depend on your budget, pool size, how fast you want it was installed, and personal preferences. Let's take a closer look at different types of pools and will tell us about this employee "UHF PLUS": http://dmv.com.ua/ that carries out in Kiev.


Concrete swimming pools

Concrete pool is a fully customizable solution. It can be placed virtually anywhere and provide unlimited design possibilities. You can choose the size, shape, and depth, and to add such functions as: the disappearance of edges, steps, beach entry, Alpine slides and more. Finish options include: ceramic tile, natural pebble, coloured quartz, epoxy paint, vinyl lining, and several other finishes.


Composite fiberglass pools

Composite fiberglass pools have a wide range of styles, shapes, sizes, colors and finishes. They are quickly and easily installed and are ideal for hard to reach areas. Some fiberglass pools have elements of water objects, cleaning the floor or built-in SPA.


above-ground swimming pools

Thanks to advances in the production of swimming pools you can enjoy all the lifestyle benefits in the pool, even if you have a small budget or you do not have your home. Aboveground pools can be made of fiberglass composites or vinyl coverings, and also in different styles and colors. Because they are made by the factory, they require minimum time for installation and can be taken with you if you decide to move.


Vinyl linear pools

Vinyl pool is a popular and economical option. The vinyl veneer is usually made in an individual style based on the size and shape of the pool. Modern vinyl lining pools can be concrete, plastic or steel walls.

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