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Ritual of Psalms is a collection of prayers which is read by the Ministers of the Church continuously 24 hours a day. This collection consists of Sufism (certain sections that are allowed to read while sitting and which are performed separately on each day for the repose and in health. In addition, it can also be read at home, but often that can be ordered in Monastir. This ceremony is not just strengthens the spirit of the congregation, but also opens his soul to God as he speaks to him with great faith, with it relentlessly.


the Monks that have the right to read these Psalms over endowed with a special grace to pray for forgiveness of the sins of ordinary people. For them, prayer is the gospel, the sermon that makes them closer to God. And in our Land, they are in the form of Angels of God. They have great force, otherwise their requests simply will not come up to the Lord, and as a result, the soul would not be saved. And to prevent that in any case they can't.

Feature Ritual the Psalm is that during the prayers of the monks for a man, huge power helps him in the struggle with the passions and protects from the demons. Read this prayer continuously the whole day, changing only the monks after a certain period of time.

this Long prayer was that many monasteries, and both female and male. And you can order the Ritual reading of Psalms was considered a very generous alms, saving the soul in heaven to help in health. By the way, the benefit from holding this ceremony will not only be the man who ordered this prayer, but:

  • the monastery, since this is its main support;
  • to you personally, since this is a merciful, great work + seeing the expected and inevitable result, you will increase our faith;
  • others as a personal example, to inspire them;
  • the monks, since they are directly involved in this rank.

to enjoy the Ritual reading of Psalms and personally for myself, as a result, you feel the invisible support in all his endeavors and the money you have spent 100% will do you good.

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