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What to pick currants: black, red or white?


If you are a home gardener and want to grow plants that will beautify your garden and at the same time will be helpful for you (not just effectively), think about currants. This really is a wonderful fruit which will bring a lot of "+"

  • first, it's extremely lightweight and not at all problematic for growth, so you don't need much to learn;
  • secondly, it gives you a big harvest of very nutritious food in the summer.

You can grow all the varieties of currants (and it is black, red and white) at the same time, because you need to conduct is almost the same maintenance procedure on all of them. The only difference, perhaps, is that, although the black currant needs very simple cropping, red and white varieties need more intensive cropping, such as the gooseberry.

In this article you will learn the basics of growing black, red and white currants. This, of course, will encourage you to grow this amazing fruit in your home garden. By the way, buy currant seedlings, you can


What are the different kinds of currants?

Currants is a sweet and sour flavored fruits, which are mainly included in the following classes (usually classified according to their colors):

  1. Black currants. It is known for its strong flavor that makes them ideal for the preparation of syrups, jellies and similar food products. However, black currants are also fragrant. The fruits are large and sweet enough to eat fresh when they ripen properly;
  2. Red currants. It is typically used for juice, jelly, mashed potatoes and many other dishes. This kind of currant has varieties such as Cascade with a large and sweet fruit that is Red lake with an energetic species that have long periods of flowering and maturation, and Wilder with the trend of the spread and high productivity;
  3. White currants. It usually has a lower acid content than other varieties, so go well fresh. The best kind of white currant has almost transparent color. She is also represented in categories such as White Dutch , which presents sweet, juicy berries and White Imperial , which produces a large number of small berries. Like red currants, white currants also usually slopeside;
  4. Pink currants. It is intermediate between white and red currants. Often has pale skin and pink flesh;
  5. Yellow currants. This is also called currant Golden currant or Buffalo currant. This is probably the most drought resistant species among the currants, which benefited greatly from cross pollination.

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