Core drill: What is it?


core drill bit this high-quality tool, which is used to achieve optimization of the process of metal treatment. High quality you can order on the website of SPECIALIZIROVANNOE Lintols company that offers a wide range of tools and equipment for Metalworking. There are ten reasons to purchase:

  • if you use this kind of tool, it is possible to significantly reduce the processing time on the production;
  • the
  • significantly reduces the load on the workpiece;
  • the
  • high performance drilling;
  • the
  • relatively low energy consumption;
  • the
  • there is no need to rossolovo and alignment;
  • the
  • high precision machining, no unevenness;
  • the
  • if necessary, can be carried out vnahlestku drilling;
  • the
  • silent type tool;
  • on getting a perfectly smooth hole; the

  • automatic chip removal, waste;
  • the
  • the product is not heated during processing.

If you want to get a significant advantage in the processing of metal, you should use the drill, they have high durability and are of extraordinary strength. All this becomes possible thanks to a specially developed technology of hardening and the elaborate protective layer of the product.

Products Silver-Line

Key features of the tool is the production of high-alloy steel of a special type, which gives high wear-resistant properties, strength and hardness. Cutting edge is soon blunted, as is the case with conventional products. If you need a quality tool, you should carefully choose the manufacturer, as not all of them have the equipment to carry out the step of hardening products.

These products are perfectly combined with different types of machines and long serve to the owners, despite the high load. Technical characteristics of the instrument should examine the metals that can be processed and, based on the conditions and requirements to purchase products. Ask for help from a professional seller, he will help you make the right choice, advise on all issues and explain the main characteristics of a product.

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