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Gone are the days when pipes for water supply, heating and sewage systems were made of metal. Now he was replaced by plastic. Next, we consider the main benefits of pipe of corrugated plastic (by the way, you can buy it ).

Strong but flexible

Tube of corrugated plastic is a durable material. This is one of the most chemically inert drainage products, making it highly resistant to aggressive gases and chemicals. It does not rust and is highly resistant to abrasion. The connections are waterproof. However, corrugated plastic pipe is very flexible and lightweight, making it ideal for maneuvering in crowded utility corridors, adapting to the unique conditions of the site or traversing challenging terrain.

100-year service life

You can count on a service life of 100 years in a typical drainage applications. High resistance to abrasion and chemicals corrugated plastic pipe helps to "survive" in the environment that damages other materials. Acid soil and salt flow are common problems that can shorten the life of other drainage pipes to several years. Pipe corrugated plastic will work for decades in the same environment.

Economical and safe installation

You can save substantially by using corrugated plastic pipe, as it installs quickly and easily. It has less than 10 % of the weight of concrete pipes and + it is easier and safer to handle and adjust field, and this, in turn, reduces cost and installation time.

Pipe is manufactured with a longer lap than concrete, which means fewer connections and more efficient installation. Safe and tight connection can be quickly installed with the bell and sealed hinge joints.

Substantial environmental benefits

Pipe corrugated plastic have environmental benefits throughout the lifespan. Compared to other types of plastic pipes have a lower carbon footprint, since for the manufacture, transportation and installation requires far less energy. It is an inert material that does not emit toxins into the environment during production or use. Plastic pipes provide a longer service life compared with other materials.

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