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a new ham should take care of the purchase of a number of tools that can significantly improve and simplify his favorite pastime. And tell us about them the author of the website where self-taught craftsman has posted good advice on the repair of TVs, knowing that you can master this useful and fun skill. In addition, the site contains , and also the necessary supplies that are required to have each technician, without exception, + checked "outlets" where you can buy them at the most affordable price.


mast HEV each wizard's TV repair:

  • Soldering iron. With a convenient tool for soldering, you can easily remove the melted solder. He will need a repairman to feed all kinds of parts;
  • Copper braid. This tool is also used to remove solder;
  • Tweezers. If you have to work with very small parts, then you just can't do without tweezers. The best option is tweezers, produced in the USSR. If you are not able to get it out, then you can buy a good option in China. A good pair of tweezers should have ceramic ferrules, which act as insulators;
  • diagonal cutters. This tool is used to biting the wires. Its main difference from an ordinary wire cutter - this is a more convenient form, which allows for the biting of even the most hard-to-reach conclusions;
  • a Vise for circuit boards. The tool needed for tighter fastening of the boards, and it is much cheaper than an extra pair of hands);
  • Magnetized tray. It is used for easy storage of bolts and other metal things. With it any fine detail will be intact;
  • Multimeter. This is one of the main tools that are necessary for every radio Amateur. It is very versatile and min in the kit includes the functions of the ohmmeter, ammeter and voltmeter;
  • Stripper. It is a tool that is used for Stripping;
  • Scalpel. This is a great alternative to the knife, which, moreover, is inexpensive;
  • Fusible gun. Collecting various handmade very often you need to seal every possible details, but one of the most practical and robust methods to do this is glue that is applied with a special gun. By the way, refills for hot glue gun have a lower cost than the majority of other types of glue.

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