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How to choose a translation Agency?

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In every large city there are dozens of translation agencies. So the logical question is how to choose the right one?

As a potential customer, you hear a lot in common, and all because each Bureau is fighting for your order. But the fact is that every Agency is very different from the others. To determine their strengths and weaknesses need to put a lot of effort and will tell us about this employee

What you want to achieve?

Before you find a suitable translation, you should look at examples of their previous work.

to decide: Can you quickly understand the document? Will this document be copied thousands of times? Whether it is marketing translation?

If you just need to translate or understand a document in a foreign language for informational purposes only, then you can afford to control the price at its discretion.

But if you need a high level of linguistic quality, especially for digital or print publication, you will need much more carefully to find and select the appropriate Bureau.

Know your audience

a Good translation Agency will build your project around your desired audience. Knowledge of your ideal audience can help the Agency to provide you with the best linguists for the project. Ambiguity can lead to mixed results.

Ask potential contractors how they plan to adapt their processes, given the specific audience you are targeting. Worked there before with a similar target audience?

the Answers can give you a really good idea of how the translation Agency is best for you.


For example, for the translation of literary works will require more than 2 days. Therefore, you need to plan everything adequately, and a good translation Agency will work with you to choose a reasonable time frame. Beware of agencies with a standard timeline. Come in contact at an early stage and work together to achieve the right results.

What you need to know about the price?

the cheapest option translation - a rookie mistake that you make only 1 time.

For proper translation requires time and the participation of the best linguists (highly qualified and experienced professionals, whose services can not be cheap.

Find out about translation Agency, which are planning to deal with. Check with whom they are already working, and ask about specific examples.

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