How to properly care for air conditioning


Any technology needs proper treatment and proper operation, with a number of household appliances require special servicing and conditioners it is in the first place.

order the split system worked without breakdowns and failures during the maintenance period, average 7-12 years of age, you must follow some rules prescribed in the user manual.


clean filters

First thing you come to in the process of operation, all owners of air conditioners is regular cleaning of filters of the internal block. These items, which is a small grid, located under the front panel of the unit. Filter elements are designed for air purification from dust that not only protects the respiratory system of a person, but the unit itself, but rather the radiator of the indoor unit.

For filter cleaning it is recommended to wash them as needed (average 1 every 3 weeks) under running water and dried at room temperature for a few minutes.

If the air conditioner is installed in a place where there is elevated air pollution, the frequency of the process increases. In the instructions manual for the procedure for removing and installing filters are written in detail and usually does not cause difficulties even for beginners in this business.

ignoring this rule threatens a violation of the radiator of the indoor unit and, accordingly, deterioration of cooling air. Also clogged filters lead to blockage of the drainage system, which will require more expensive cleaning procedure. If You live in Moscow, it is a regular event which should be carried out to professionals, because the air in Moscow is the most contaminated, and only the filter clean enough.


heat exchanger cleaning

a heat Exchanger of the indoor unit must be cleaned at least once a year according to the following scheme:

  • open the front cover of the indoor unit;
  • the
  • to remove the air filter;
  • the
  • with a vacuum cleaner or special brushes to remove dust from the fins of the heat exchanger, and the filter rinsed under running water and dried;
  • the
  • to set the filter and close the lid.

When cleaning the heat exchanger should be very careful and in any case not to exert excessive force, otherwise his brittle ribs are deformed, and the efficiency of the air conditioner as a whole will be reduced.


level Control freon

Quite often, the failure of the climate system due to freon leak. If the coolant level drops below permissible levels, increase significantly the risk of overheating of the compressor, making it with high probability will jam. Therefore, filling the air conditioner freon, it is a procedure that you must perform all maintenance works.

the Fact of leakage of freon can be installed without additional devices, quite carefully inspect the equipment. So, a sign of insufficient refrigerant level is:

  • formation of frost and ice on the couplers of the outdoor unit of the split-system;
  • the
  • lack of cooling air, while the inlet and outlet of the indoor unit should not be less than 8 S;
  • the
  • the appearance of abnormal noise when the air conditioner.

If you notice these symptoms, turn off the unit and call for help service, which experts will hold a professional diagnosis and repair of equipment. You will also be offered training conditioning for the summer or winter season, to ensure correct operation in all modes.

Qualified staff of the service center will carry out the cleaning of the outdoor unit from dust, bird feathers and leaves, prevents the air intake and leads to overheating of the compressor element to the external split-system.

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