The printing on performance One Way Vision: benefits, scope

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One of the most convenient and efficient ways of advertising is today . The seal on performance provides a lot of advantages, wide range of use and comfort in use. Thanks to these features, the presented method of promoting products and services has become a leader among other advertising methods.

Perforated film One Way Visiuon, unlike that offers printing on paper is an excellent advertising medium for a number of overriding reasons:

  1. the translucency of the film provides the opportunity to fully close the window space, without depriving the room of light;
  2. the
  3. conveniently applied to a desired surface, both plastic and glass;
  4. the
  5. printing on performance gives rich color, not washed nor precipitation, but also do not fade in the sun;
  6. the
  7. give the film provides an opportunity to apply the volumetric or uneven surface;
  8. the
  9. performance forms an additional protection for glass or plastic surfaces from different kinds of minor injuries.

pay attention that in order to extend the service life of the perforated film One Way Vision experts advise to laminate.

Performance OWV thanks to the almost transparent structure provides an extensive selection of venues for advertising placement. So, the name of the material can be applied on the following surfaces:

  1. shops;
  2. the
  3. the window for public and private transport;
  4. the
  5. Windows of different buildings, including offices and shopping centers;
  6. the
  7. ad boards with mounted lights;
  8. glass partitions in office and shopping centers.

to Order prints on perfomlance OWV, as well as to purchase a Spyder, in the company Arnika-2 .

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