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If you want to buy, OOO, then the main Board in any case consult an expert. This will help to avoid unpleasant surprises.

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But in any case with the purchase of the enterprise should pay attention to certain nuances that significantly affect the conditions for the acquisition and further business. This:

  • place of incorporation;
  • name;
  • statements;
  • auditing (required for previously employed businesses.

To the place of registration of the company usually requirements individual. But can be identified and shared, such as the compliance of the place of incorporation place of registration for future counterparties or the place of residence of the future owner of the company. For someone it is important to have the loyalty of tax inspections, which will be on the account of the company. In short, the requirements may be different, but do not take into account the place of registration can not.

the Important factor is the company name. Although the flavors here are also highly individual, knowingly naming is an important part of promotion strategy of the company from the name of a business often depends directly on its success.

When buying the company itself, you will be provided with the relevant documents here in the first place is to pay attention to the identification code. Also worth a look (and copy) those pages of the Charter, on which the information of members, share capital and of course, the address, the name of the company.

If you purchase a company with the history, it will be important statements you must provide copies of filed reports. Pay attention to the license (if you buy a company with it) its duration, Supplement.

In any case, when buying a previously employed enterprises with the required audit is the only way you will be able to determine its real value. If the audit has already been completed, carefully review the relevant documents.

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