Modern residential complex in a green area of Moscow region, city Zheleznodorozhny

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What's important when choosing a new residence, clean locality, good construction quality, comfortable layout of apartments, developed infrastructure and transport accessibility of the purchase cost. In the green clean area of Moscow region in the centre of the city Train in the district "Центр2", built residential complex "Center+". To buy apartment in a mortgage in the Rail is offered in multiple banks with different interest rate in the savings Bank, VTB, Open, Absolut Bank, the Bond Bank and the military mortgage to the Bond Bank.

Infrastructure and the environment

Infrastructure will provide homeowners a comfortable life. Within walking distance:

    kindergartens, schools, music school; the

  • banks, shops, shopping centers;
  • the
  • children's and adult polyclinics;
  • the
  • underground Parking and street Parking near homes.

From the complex "Center+" 10 minute walk to the railway station, which departs every 25 minutes there is a train to Kazan station - 30 min drive. To the ring road just 10 km, which will allow your car to get to Moscow, too, for 25 minutes. Conditions for transport equal to or better than those of the Muscovites.

Choice of apartments

Houses built on the technology of the monolith-brick. This means that a frame structure is a monolithic concrete exterior - brick, to create a design of the building. Between these layers are stacked mineral wool, provide good thermal insulation. The first 2 floors are tiled with porcelain tiles. Glazed balconies in all apartments from the second floor. Area of apartments to choose from: Studio 37 to 54 sq. m., one bedroom 55-73 V. M., three-79-93 sqm of Non-residential premises with an area of 60-187 sqm Height to ceiling 2.7 m. to See the layout of apartments at the address . If a website is not enough data, consultation contact us by phone +7(495)151-016-028.

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