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Among the numerous private clinics of St-Petersburg, one stands out: the company implements the Priority of professional medical services. The company's mission is to support the health of each patient. Read more about her work can be found on the official website .


Priority : professional style

Professional activities of the firm began in 2004. To date, it is a major service in the field of provision of medical services.

Services are implemented in multiple centers:

  • professional pathologies;
  • the
  • family medicine.

the Team is staffed by specialists of high qualification categories. The quality of services provided to the population based on the most modern equipment and extensive professional experience.

the Range of offers of the company:

  • aid in the inspection;
  • the collection of documents for hospitalization; the

  • conducting specialized inspections;
  • the
  • support of public cultural events;
  • the
  • support of works on complex objects.

In the Arsenal of services also includes emergency Ambulance service, thanks to which the patient physicians are sent without wasting a single second.

Coming to the call, the specialists begin to provide medical assistance at home, and if necessary can arrange urgent hospitalization. In this case, each patient is guaranteed by careful treatment during transportation and a full range of professional services.

Often medical activities begin immediately on the way to the hospital.


the benefits of converting to a Priority

concise Record of time of receipt of a signal to check out is provided by using the exclusive service of ordering of calls SOV112. Every doctor coming out to the house, has had the experience of training in the provision of services in Pediatrics and the intensive care unit.

the Priority of a member of the Association of private clinics in the Northern capital. On balance there is a substantial fleet of specialist vehicles. Imported equipment, combined with a decent education can guarantee high quality of services rendered.

Their achievements, the staff finds:

  • cooperation with Nord Stream;
  • the
  • provide specialized assistance company Baltnefteprovod ;
  • the
  • maintenance of the complex construction works on the construction of Lakhta-center ;
  • the
  • cooperation with many insurance companies, which include: Renaissance Alliance, Alfa insurance and others.

During the presence in the profession doctors of Priority have helped many patients. Among them there are adults and children. The company goes on a call not only at home but also the place of major accidents, on construction sites and stadiums.

in addition, the company provides services in the field of diagnostics and laboratory examinations.

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