Dependence on alcohol and drugs

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Dependence on alcohol and drugs appears a disease that requires prolonged treatment. Often people with strong cravings to alcohol abuse required emergency withdrawal from binge at home in Moscow.

"Pediatrics №1" helps people cope with the disease on a physical and psychological level. Once in our clinic, you are sure to pass the examination, allowing to determine the current effects of addiction. We will make every effort to restore your body and normalize the functioning of vital systems.

Doctor psychiatrist in the house in Moscow can diagnose the existence of alcohol or drug dependence and to provide first drug treatment. Among the extra services include:

  • withdrawal from binge at home;
  • the
  • removal of withdrawal symptoms;
  • the
  • assistance in case of overdose.

Remember that only in a specialized hospital, it is possible to create adequate conditions for the treatment of addiction. Of course, therapy may take place in the home, however, in this case the probability of recovery is substantially reduced, since there is always the opportunity to return to harmful alcohol or drugs. In a situation with the clinic, the person is round-the-clock under the supervision of doctors, so it is not possible to return to the abuse. This ensures that hospitalization is considered to be more effective.

In our center there are comfortable conditions, allowing the patient to feel at home. This is necessary to ensure that the dependent person was not additional psychological pressure.

Drugs that utilize our highly qualified doctors who have passed the required testing, proving their safety and high efficiency. We have concentrated affordable prices for services that, in turn, are characterized by high quality performance. Clients of our clinic can expect that their situation will be considered individually. We Will certainly take into account the peculiarities of the organism and the disease, based on what, will be very effective therapy. Read more about methadone clinic .

What are the goals and objectives pursued by the clinic

"Pediatrics №1" is a modern mobile drug treatment service created with the aim of providing efficient and quality services at the detoxification of the body after excessive consumption of alcoholic drinks or narcotic drugs, as well as for the treatment of these dependencies.

We are considered to be relatively young, but fast-paced clinic, which today has three offices and 17 narcotic teams in Moscow and MO. Our doctors within one hour will arrive at the address you specified when making the call. This allows our patients to receive prompt and timely drug treatment.

the Main mission and objective of our drug treatment center is provision of highly qualified emergency medical services in a safe and to eliminate the negative consequences of drug abuse or alcoholic beverages. We support patients in order to minimize the chance of breakdowns. Contacting our clinic, you can get a unique treatment that allows you to overcome such a difficult disease. The clinic operates around the clock, so you at any time of the day you can contact us in an emergency.

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