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If you are faced with severe consequences of drug and alcohol dependence, order a drip from binge at home addiction. This procedure will help remove toxins from your body that poison and disrupt the functioning of vital systems. We provide you a full examination, which allows to identify the violations in the functioning of organs. Consider the disease adversely affects the General state of your health so you definitely need call the psychiatrist at home in Moscow that a doctor has provided you with professional drug treatment. In the survey we will identify characteristics of your organism and comorbidities will be taken into account in establishing a treatment regimen.

check Out the psychiatrist at home allows anonymous withdrawal from binge at home in Moscow and the suburbs, as well as withdrawal of withdrawal symptoms and assist in overdose. These procedures relate to the emergency, but the doctor coming to the house, will assist in the comprehensive treatment of addiction.

In the clinic, "psychiatrist in the house 24/7" arrange everything so that the patient feel as comfortable as possible. Stationary conditions were adequate to complete the course of therapy, since treatment at home characterized by lower efficiency. This is due to the fact that the patient has always the possibility to break and begin anew to consume alcohol or drugs. Within the hospital such a possibility had not, as the patient 24 hours a day under medical supervision. Our drug treatment center is a comfortable environment where patients feel at home. To ensure the comfort required in order not to exert additional psychological pressure on the person. We use only professional medicines that have passed the required testing and confirming their safety. Side effects from their use is minimal and the effectiveness high.

it should Not be assumed that treatment at the clinic will cost you a large sum of money, because we have concentrated the best prices for the services provided. Asking for help in the narcological centre "the Psychiatrist at home 24/7", you can count on an individual approach to your case. We definitely will take into account the peculiarities of your organism and diseases, based on what the doctor will be the most effective therapeutic course. We work around the clock, so contact us for help you can at any time of the day.

Main purpose

Our clinic is a modern mobile drug treatment service that was created to provide effective and quality services related to drug and alcohol dependencies. Established the clinic was psychologists and drug experts who are perfectly familiar with this activity from the inside. They have developed a unique methodology, which now shows excellent results in the fight against addiction. To help the numerous number of people contributes to the presence of 3 inpatient wards, and 17 mobile teams of drug treatment.

our Main goal and mission is to provide high quality operational services in a safe drug. We orientirueshsya not only to cure the person, but also to eliminate the negative consequences from drugs and alcohol. Even after passing our course of treatment, the clinic continues to support their patients.

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