How do private sperm donors?

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To date, the services of private donors, men have become more in demand and constitute significant competition to the tanks. Potential customers are attracted to what a young man can be found to meet in person to discuss the important points and get all the information, and most importantly to acquire high quality biological material absolutely for free. How does it work these men and what are the stages of cooperation with them? Try to understand.



Most donors have personal websites or pages on the Internet, such as Thanks to them men popularitybut their assistance in the conception, provide clients information about yourself, your education profession, upload photos and many other valuable information that are important for parents.

in addition, the site has contacts which can be contacted with the selected candidate. In the process of communicating via e-mail or social networks to discuss possible future cooperation, to get more information and to arrange a meeting.



Professional private sperm donors that are interested in the birth of a healthy biological offspring, cooperation begins with the obligatory personal, introductory meeting. Man, it is important to learn about the family in which to grow up his child, to obtain more information about the biological mother, etc.

Also in a personal meeting a sperm donor makes to customers the results of tests and medical examinations. Discusses all forms and possible ways of cooperation. If there is mutual sympathy issues regarding the time and venue of reproductive procedures. As a result of communication and discussion is a contract, legally binding.


Preparation for conception

Preparation for conception requires a medical examination not only for the donor but also for the patient. If women of all test results on hand, it remains to determine the reproductive clinic and the date of the reproductive procedures. For several days before the delivery of biological material to the donor it is necessary to observe a certain mode, to refrain from taking medicines, visiting the baths or saunas, intimate contact.


Holding conception

Professional private sperm donors offer only IVF as the most effective and safe way of pregnancy. The best option reproductive procedures AI or IVF. Which method will be more effective and appropriate in a particular case, is determined by a specialist-a fertility specialist, based on individual indications and physiological characteristics of the patient.

the task of the donor is included in a timely manner to provide specimens of semen for holding fertility procedures. In some cases it is possible to hold that the conception of the insemination at home.

Further the relationship of the donor and his clients also are arranged individually. In some cases it is required the observance of strict anonymity. In other situations, as a rule, if we are talking about a single woman who decided to give birth to a donor, communicate the biological father with the child, for providing him financial assistance etc.

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