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now Drunkenness is a scourge of our time, a problem that not only has a huge value, also it is more than catastrophic. According to preliminary estimates of experts each 3rd reason a person dies, unfortunately, is directly linked to alcoholism. By the way, to help in the fight against alcoholism can drop the "MCPFE": .


Sick generation

Today not only the older generation but also younger become alcoholics. As it is sad sounds, but it's true. Therefore, to fight alcoholism now, by any means, because otherwise everything is new and a new generation will get sick and be sick with this disease.


what causes alcoholism?

Alcoholism and yet no one ever brought a health. Therefore, if the person constantly drinks, it will definitely catch up with premature aging disorders that are associated with the human psyche, different diseases and reducing disability. And this is only the beginning. The main thing that takes away from a person's alcoholism is his health.


I need to do?

Based on the opinion of many doctors, specialists and scientists can safely say that the education of the youth alcohol culture must begin now. Recommended in senior classes in the school to conduct educational conversations and to show the consequences of alcohol. The main thing to remember is that sobriety is a choice of strong people. Everyone chooses his own way.


How to save and strengthen your health?

If you want your children to always stay healthy and never drink alcohol, teach them by example:

  • Right to try;
  • observe personal hygiene and to constantly temper your body;
  • Every day we need to engage in physical activity;
  • it is Necessary to observe the correct mode of rest and work;
  • to be Able to type properly at work, the street and even at home;
  • to Become more emotionally and psychological stable;
  • Completely abandon the behavior that somersweet.

it is equally important to respect some rules and in the feed:

  1. be Sure to observe the correct rhythm of food;
  2. you do not need to eat till you drop;
  3. Every day to eat raw plant foods (fruits and vegetables) and cereals;
  4. to Chew carefully, slowly;
  5. to Eat with pleasure.

If you can teach yourself to live outside the rules, then thought about the use of alcohol to you even on the meter will not work. Remember that your health is only in your hands. Therefore, I wish you more love to yourself and your family.

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