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Sports nutrition is not just a fad but a necessity if you train in the gym regularly and want to achieve the result. Sports training can be compared with the hard physical labor, so if you want to work out regularly and to feel normal, you can not do without the help of proper sports nutrition. On sports nutrition will tell us the consultant of the store .

power Features for complex workouts

In fact, sports food is a food additive that can improve endurance, accelerate recovery after exercise, promote muscle growth. Increased physical activity leads to increased needs of the body not only in calories, but first and foremost, the nutrients. For recovery and muscle growth, the body needs protein, amino acids, including essential amino acids, in such quantity that it is simply impossible to provide only one proper nutrition. If you do not provide the body normal amounts of nutrients, but will continue to train intensively, the body will work to exhaustion, which can lead to serious health problems.

That can provide you with sports nutrition?

  • Proteins. Source of protein for our body needed to build muscle. You can eat 10 kg chicken breast, but can drink a protein shake the body will receive equal amounts of protein;
  • BCAA+ amino acids for recuperation and Wellness, the body needs amino acids. Some of them are produced in our body, and BCAA+ essential amino acids we can only get from food. The need for amino acids the athlete is much higher than an office worker;
  • Vitamins. For normal operation of the heart and other organs the body the necessary vitamins. Athletes need double the vitamins, because the body feels in them a stronger need, and the diet may deprive you of foods rich in essential vitamins.

sports nutrition

in Addition to meet the natural needs of the organism in nutrients, sports nutrition can change the metabolic processes in the body, making the workout more effective. For example, the fat burners stimulate the metabolism, helping the body regained strength due to the use of own fat tissue, but not at the expense of your current lunch. Gainers a great help for those who are not genetically prone to muscle growth. These drugs can help even a very thin person to create muscles cherished.

Let science to help you achieve your goals! Choose a quality sports nutrition and raise the bar of our achievements every day!

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