IELTS: What is it?


Our citizens every year more and more often, go abroad to work and to learn, but face a problem - they require the IELTS certificate, which you can get the same name passing the exam on the knowledge of the English language. By the way, this exam is conducted since 1989 If you from Moscow and want to prepare for this exam, then pick up a training center to it you can on the website .


IELTS: Why and who needs it?

There are 2 types of IELTS certificate:

  • AM (academic module);
  • GTM (General training module).

they are two completely different exam that the sections Writing and Reading test other skills. AM certificate is required for work or in order to go to College, which requires knowledge of the English language at a high enough level. In GTM module Reading is easier than in AM in the 2nd case, check the ability to work with reports and graphs and to analyze the text and in the certificate the difference obshchatsja. For example, for emigration to New Zealand, Australia or Canada, as well as for employment in the service sector - you will be enough GTM certificate, that is why in the texts of this module you will meet the academic and specialized vocabulary.

Sam IELTS exam consists of 4 parts: three of them (letter Writing, speech perception by ear Listening as well as reading, Reading) are executed in writing, and 4 (Speaking) is a 15-minute conversation directly with the examiner.


IELTS test: whether Really to take it?

During the years of the existence of this test, there has arisen a huge number of myths and legends. 1-no required own reliable emergence, at 1st glance, the sources: for example, common materials for preparation for this exam. 2nd appeared in the stories of "experienced" who took the IELTS test, and exaggerated the unpredictability and complexity of tasks.

In reality, in the system of this test, it's easy to understand, as a result, you will see that his assignments based on a particular template. That is why, based on advice from experienced teachers (especially those who were a member of the examination Board IELTS and perfectly familiar with the format of this test, as well as the specifics of its requirements) and seriously taken in the preparation, passing the exam is possible.

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