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Estonia is a unique country in terms of private business. It created the most convenient conditions for the constantly expanding activities. Strengthen positions in the international arena. Business in this country has attracted much attention from foreign investors. The reason is that retained earnings is not taxed. This allows to optimize taxes and to develop the business as a whole. To foreign investors who choose to open their own company Estonia, open up huge opportunities.

But for a successful international business you need to company registration in the UK was performed at a high professional level. Assign this work to employees is a reliable and trusted law firm. The solution to all organizational issues will be done by qualified staff in different fields of work:

  • profession;
  • the
  • consultants;
  • the auditors of the world level.

Professional help in this matter will allow you to save time and reduce costs. Possible . No need to spend money on expensive trips, visits to various authorities on the specifics of the Estonian legislation. Of all matters entrusted to experienced and qualified professionals.

how Much is to open a company in Estonia

Employees of international law firms advise their clients on the choice of jurisdiction. Focusing on the goal. But the choice for many businesses falls to Estonia. The main advantages are as follows:

  • at the initial stage of establishment of the company do not have to make the authorized capital;
  • the
  • of the owners and managers of the company may be one and the same person;
  • the owner of a future company may not be resident of Estonia; the

  • there is no strict requirements regarding wages and employment.

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