In the beauty salon, every detail must meet the specified level

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beauty shop VIP class must always match your level. It needs to be not only expensive interior design, but to work it needs professionals that can fulfill any whim of the client. Over, we cannot forget about the equipment that is in the cabin.

It must be of high quality, comfortable and convenient for both the master and client. especially if we are talking about the Barber chair in which the client will have to spend more than one hour. Comfortable chairs and quality the procedure can help the client to form an opinion about your salon. So it will be able to raise or lower your reputation and the reputation of the salon.

Algorithm selection of hairdressing chairs

today, the beauty industry is developing at breakneck speed. It can offer you a wide selection of professional equipment, including chairs for hairdressing

Select from such a huge number of models exactly what you need, it seems not an easy task. But in fact the algorithm when choosing the right chair is quite simple.

  1. first you need to determine how much you are willing to allocate for the purchase of equipment. This will directly depend on the class of your cabin. If you position it as the establishment of VIP-class, the equipment is expensive, reliable and multifunctional. And if you are the owner of a small barbershop, the chair from famous brand with the bells and whistles you simply to anything;
  2. Then the choice all depends on the personal preferences of the owner. If you appreciate first appearance and stylish design solutions equipment, then pay attention to all these factors directly before the purchase. But if you're holding on to functionality and ease of use, then you should explore the market. Pay attention to the country that produces the chair on its extra features and quality upholstery. After all, this chair lends itself to contamination and it should be easy to clean;
  3. When you already know what kind of chair you really need, you can start finding the right model of chair. Once more, we recall the upholstery of the chair. So it is easily cleaned and were less brand to choose leather, since the fabric is not as durable.

the Purpose of hairdressing chairs

All the chairs for hairdressing salons can be divided into different categories. They come in standard , universal ( they hold the hair and make-up), men, women and children. Child seats, of course, differ in size and interesting shape of the seat, which could entrap a child.

Regulated by using the lifts. They are divided into electrical, hydraulic and pneumatic. Pneumatic lifts are one of the cheapest, but still considered more reliable hydraulic model. Also, many models have additional features. For example, headrests, armrests , power outlets, and built-in sinks. If you need that chair with the sink, then pay attention to the fact that the seat moved well, and the backrest was bent enough that the water doesn't get to the client by the collar.

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