Calculation of the cost of interpanel seams

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Many owners of flats in prefabricated houses, with the passage of time facing problems associated with destruction and as a consequence of the depressurization of interpanel seams. There are many factors that contribute to premature failure of interpanel joints. Most often it is the result of non-compliance with technological standards in the construction process. Interpanel joints can deteriorate and cause a gradual displacement of the panels. Also to blame may be the deformation of the panels due to temperature fluctuations. Over time, the destructive processes in the joints cause precipitation, to protect yourself from which is extremely difficult.

the Destruction and subsequent depressurization of interpanel seams leads to the formation on the walls of the mold and mildew. Moreover, in the inner space of the house appear drafts, temperature sharply declines. To stop the process of destruction of the joints between the panels must, as soon as possible to begin repairs. It is worth noting that to cope with this problem on forces only to professionals who have a tolerance for working at heights. Company Assol professionally conducts sealing of interpanel seams. You can calculate the cost of repair of interpanel seams, if you use the corresponding function on the website of the company.

the company's staff are professional industrial climbers, each of which has a tolerance for working at heights. All work is performed in strict accordance with the technology using only high quality materials. All work conducted must be provided a long guarantee. On the website you can at any time to see the details and conditions of cooperation. The company provides its customers with professional attitude.

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