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a Good and professional hairdresser will always be able to find himself a job and not just anyhow some, but decent. And believe its services will always be popular among a huge number of customers.

However, there are situations (e.g., pregnancy or birth of child) that the technician simply cannot afford to carry out their professional activities in the beauty salon, as it is virtually impossible. In this case, it is possible to try to organize the work. But you have svidomo to understand that initially you have to spend some money to buy necessary for work tools, hairdressing chair, sink and a huge mirror. However, this does not need to be afraid. It has none of the large costs, which will be able to quickly justify and recoup.

And everything else in the home you will be able not only to cut their customers, but also to dye your hair, make different hairstyles, which in itself will be very profitable for you. Very high demand today are the services of nail service. In order to carry out services in the nail business you will have ( if necessary)to complete specific courses and to purchase special equipment and tools, chair, lamp and supplies. And in addition, it is recommended that for the purpose of rendering hairdressing and nail services to customers, you had a separate room in the apartment where your household during the sessions will not go.

hair At the organization office at home you will need to take into account such important points here:

  1. the Chair, in order to provide more comfortable services to all its customers. Remember must be stable, convenient and comfortable for your customers and for you. If you allow the financial capabilities, then buy a better chair that will comfortable seat. Also, the chair must be adjustable in height, and it should turn easily in any direction;
  2. to absolutely all you need for your work tools were always at hand, you need to purchase a special table or a chest of drawers of small size, which has several pull-out drawers;
  3. it is also Necessary in advance to ensure that your meta work were summed up both hot and cold water, so it will be much more convenient and comfortable for customers. Since the latter will not need to go to you in the bathroom in order to wash or rinse the hair with;
  4. Also do not forget about a comfortable and reasonable temperature in the room where you provide services or hairdressing services, nail services. Regardless of the time of year, whether winter or summer, the temperature should be equal to +22 degrees Celsius. Therefore, installation of air conditioning in operating room is a must!

Given all the above, ate all the right to organize, and the house can safely and efficiently provide any hairdressing and manicure services, and get a good profit!

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