Non-invasive therapy has gained popularity in the last few years

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the absolute trend of the last few years in cosmetics is non-invasive therapy. What the concept means. If we talk in scientific language, non-invasiveness is the lack of violation of the protection of the human skin. That is non-invasive does not imply any shots and mechanical effects on the skin, which can injure.

today in modern cosmetology uses several methods of correction of wrinkles on the face is a deep chemical peeling, dermabrasion, BAZNYCIA meso therapy, thread lifting.

non-invasive procedure involves the smallest risk of complications, the short period of rehabilitation or even complete lack of need for recovery.

Purely non-invasive methods can be considered to be ablative effect on your skin through diverse treatments which include laser ablative effects, therapy by radio waves, ultrasound therapy, and so on.

while the impact of all above listed methods of active substances from any medicinal or cosmetic substances penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin through exposure to radio waves, ultrasound or light. This fact makes these procedures not traumatic for the skin, and therefore more popular for the customers.

the varieties of non-invasive therapies include, cornea therapy. This therapy restores the protective properties of the skin. If the patient complains of excessive dryness of the skin, the skin of the patient there are the first signs of skin aging are age spots, the skin is too Hyper sensitive, cornea therapy aims to relieve these unpleasant signs.

In case of no-invasive treatments very effect of the surface structure of the skin, whereby the skin is saturated with all the useful vitamins and minerals, and becomes healthier and more beautiful.

Also in case of exposure, for example, laser, it acts on the deeper layers of the skin, i.e. the dermis, adipose tissue and facial muscles. Therefore, previously deposited on the skin by any means cosmetological or therapeutic nature without problems penetrate deep into the skin, then there begin to accumulate and in the process get into the bloodstream from where it goes across the body. And protective properties of the skin increase the cells of the body are enriched with all necessary minerals, vitamins and micro elements.

But in some cases, non-invasive therapy accomplishes her task. So by means of ultrasound, light or radio waves cannot be delivered into the skin of hyaluronic acid, which is responsible for the youthfulness, firmness and elasticity of the skin. This is due to the fact that the molecules of hyaluronic acid have a huge molecular weight and through the open pores are not able to squeeze through. As a consequence, the applied injection procedure with the use of .

What are the methods of increasing the permeability of the skin?

today there are various methods of increasing the permeability of the skin is different types of dermabrasion, and chemical peels. But these methods have their disadvantages: the sensitivity and irritability of the skin, obezvojennom and dryness. Trauma to the skin due to chemical peeling is high, with the consequence that this can lead to photo sensitivity of the skin and excessive pigmentation.

Less traumatic for the skin to apply different types of transport systems deliver all the right ingredients in the deepest layers of the skin, nanosomes, liposomes, microgui, niosomes, dendrimers, and others. Another most promising method of occupational exposure on the skin is the use of enhancers. They increase the skin penetration of all active components.

it should Also be noted that it is very beneficial for the skin and vitamin B3 which contains a large number of in Niacin. The use of Niacin allows to achieve such expressed and confirmed scientifically effects, such as:

  1. improvement of the micro blood circulation in the affected area;
  2. the Increase in the dermis collagen synthesis;
  3. the Decrease in TEWL;
  4. reducing the severity of the disease and acne.

in This way the use of vitamin B3 as enhancer delivers stunning cosmeceutical effect.

So to summarize, it can be noted that it is not invasive therapy sposbna cope with such undesirable problems as:

  • a disturbance in pigmentation of the skin;
  • wrinkles on face medium and mild degree;
  • Dryness, decreased elasticity of the skin;
  • Regular swelling on the face;
  • the Appearance of bags under the eyes;
  • double chin;
  • Hyper sensitivity of the skin;
  • Acne.

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