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nowadays gain popularity massage. It can be not only in the medical centre, but in a dedicated cabin. It is important that this salon was and positive feedback from customers. In this article we will look at how to get a work permit in the framework of the Russian legislation.


Massage is associated with medicine

it is Important to understand that massage is a health service, and therefore belongs to this sphere of activity. The main purpose of the procedure is a rehabilitation or prevention of the diseases that can pass as a massage and beauty salon or the medical center. Massage happens:

1) Relaxing

2) Health

3) Health

4) Cellulite



massage License is issued by the state authorities for the whole period of operation of the medical center or salon. Registration of documents takes place in the framework of the law. The right to provide service granted by the Ministry of health. A lot of people believe that you can do massage without a license. But control the issuance of licenses shall Roszdravnadzor, which scrutinizes all the documents and prevent every illegal immigrant. To undergo the entire process will require:

1) conformity with fire and health standards.

2) Registration in the unified registry of legal entities

3) Proof of qualification of employees

4) the Contract for maintenance of equipment

5) the Paper of tax

6) Receipt of payment of registration fee

7) the Right of relevant persons to occupy leadership positions

8) Technical documentation

9) the Documented rent space

Licensing is held in four stages:

1) the Implementation of the requirements of the room.

2) Get the FEZ

3) the Passing of the fire inspection

4) the authorization



If you start a business illegally and carry out massage without a license, we should expect fines and many problems including criminal prosecution. Therefore, the above-described process of obtaining a license for massage essential for everyone who decided to engage in the provision of massage services. As you know, illegal massage organization can receive up to 50 thousand rubles fine, an individual from two thousand rubles. If the fact of harm to the health of the patient, the organizer can be jailed for six months and fined 300 thousand rubles.

to avoid negative consequences, experts advise to apply to law firms as the process of paperwork while getting a license for massage important and challenging. Experienced lawyers will go through all the stages, as money and time will make it possible to easily obtain a legal opportunity to provide customer service.

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