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Those who do not want to work under someone else's guidance, often asks: "How to become a businessman?" Often they does not know where to start. Farther, we'll figure out how to do this, and the answer to this question will give us Sergey Anokhin - Professor of Entrepreneurship at Kent State University.

From slave to master

businessmanIt is believed that only a person who has the makings of a leader can become a businessman. This idea is correct, but not up to the end, because many psychological factors are not taken into account here, but, as you know, a person can radically change under the influence of circumstances. Since everyone can become a businessman today, our first advice is to decide! If you think about what you need to become a businessman for a long time, you can not move. First, take a decisive step and register, this will be the beginning of the road.

Another tip: business planning is not a guarantee of success. Today, everyone advise to start with him, but if you really look at things, then you will understand that the making of a plan for future development is painstaking and complex, and the services of specialists are very expensive. The business plan often leads to such disappointing results, as: payback in 10 years, non-profitability, losses, etc. We insist on a good business idea, in which the general directions of future activities will be clearly visible. You will only need a business plan in case of taking a bank loan.

You are a successful businessman

In a conversation about how to become a successful businessman, the mandatory availability of seed capital is often mentioned. We advise going from the opposite. Today you can start a business without the availability of funds. Do not rush to borrow money or take loans. This is better done when your business is already profitable, and you want to expand it. So you will insure yourself against penalties and complete ruin. Do not immediately build a corporation, go small, but firm steps to your goal. Well-known millionaires did just that, and it is worth learning from them how to become a good businessman.

Do not be afraid of competition! After all, it gives the ground to new, unconventional solutions and encourages constant development. It's much more likely to becomt a successful businessman in a tough competition, than don't have incentives for improvement. Do you want to open a store or offer services that are already available in your area? Open, but offer your customers what your competitors do not have, so you are sure to interest the target audience.

The rich is not the one who has a lot of money, but the one who spends little

If you already confidently say to yourself: "I want to become a businessman" and have started to act, remember a few more tips:

  • Do not be afraid to make mistakes. Many discoveries were preceded by thousands of mistakes, and some are the mistake in the calculations. Do not repeat someone else's failures, but do not be afraid of your failures, these are the components of future success;
  • Remember: stability leads to defeat and flexibility in the market leads to victory. Learn the market, change with it, adjust and catch the possible benefits;
  • Saving leads to prosperity. The profit of the firm and your personal funds are different finances. Do not waste all your earned money, it's better to limit your personal expenses and let the money go into the development of the business. The money reserve will help in difficult force majeure situations to keep the firm's affairs in good condition and ensure your personal prosperity.


Today, many people want to become a successful businessman, but everybody must learn how to do this. The path consists of small steps. And the worst thing is to take the first step, because a real businessman must show patience, responsibility and have a great faith in himself.

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