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don't know how in the whole of Russia, but in the capital of Gett Taxi like all drivers, without exception. At the same time no matter whether they work with him or not. If the driver works, then he brags all the time, but if not, then he needs to. For all new drivers an exam, which often overwhelm even the most experienced taxi drivers. By the way, if you are interested in , then go to the site


Gett Taxi: Conditions

in Order to start work as a driver in Gett Taxi you can go 2 ways:

  1. to be entrepreneurs and to work with Gettaxi directly (in this case the company charges the driver a Commission of 17.7%).
  2. connect with official partner get (in this case, the partner will charge the driver an additional fee).


In Moscow to work with the Gett taxi there are a couple of tariffs that, in turn, are divided into classes:

  • Children;
  • Comfort;
  • Economy;
  • Gett courier;
  • Business;
  • Expert;
  • VIP.

Each class has its own requirements (to the appearance of the driver, the car, etc.), as well as features.

Before you start working in get Taxi, need to be trained (either by the company itself in the center of preparation of drivers, or some partners).

After the training, and the appearance of the cars in the database, the driver will be able to take orders from customers.


Advantages of get Taxi:

  1. Effective allocation of work depending on your distance from the call. As a result, all partners service every day gets a max of orders;
  2. the presence of a non-cash payment;
  3. Peak prices. I.e. reduce and increase the number of passengers service on the machine increases the cost of transportation, as a result, the income of the driver will increase, but the workload will remain at the same level;
  4. the largest community of drivers, who live in different corners of our planet. Today the system is used by a few hundreds of thousands of taxi drivers around the world;
  5. 100% free schedule, ie you can go to work whenever you want and make any number of trips.

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