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Every modern person accustomed to the fact that there is a landscaped area with paved roads. Indeed, today almost everywhere are actively developing the infrastructure that allows you, in turn, improve various industrial projects. It should be noted that the absence or poor condition of asphalt pavement causes not only surprise but also anger. Today, asphalt is used not only for roads but also for pavements, squares and industrial areas. Meanwhile, the laying of asphalt is time-consuming and difficult in the technological plan process.

for a long time road works are a priority for larger cities such as Moscow. During road works, be sure to pay attention to the maintenance of the technology. Improper installation poor quality of the asphalt track in a very short time can lead to serious consequences and necessary repairs. Currently, when carrying out road works using multiple classes of asphalt. Each of them has not only advantages, but also disadvantages. Moreover, each class of asphalt is suitable under certain conditions.

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