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Well who would have thought twenty years ago that people would take the furniture in the rent? Represent about leasing equipment is often extrapolated on some shabby rental, strewn birch televisions , refrigerators Donbass , porcelain sets, skis and other oddities of the recent past. Worked clear stereotype of Soviet thinking: the possession of things a sign of wealth. And even if bought, for example, unreal money inflatable boat needed only a couple of times a year, and the rest of the time it gathering dust in a closet, her owner thought it was the acquisition of almost the whole meaning of his life.

But time does not stand still, and new ideas about life sometimes give rise to unimaginable needs some things. If earlier a wedding or anniversary is traditionally celebrated in a cafe or restaurant, now increasingly seeking to celebrate in unusual places: recreation centers, stadiums, tourist complexes, forests, and even among the mountains and canyons. On the change of ideological parades and demonstrations came colourful festivals, street actions, exhibitions, concerts, theme parties. The implementation of all of the above activities with the technical side requires a huge number of various furniture, equipment and specific props, buy which just makes no sense. Therefore, a reasonable solution in this case is furniture rental.

Imagine that you planned a corporate party. And the question immediately arises: where to get tables and chairs to accommodate people, with what dishes they will eat and drink, than to build a lounge for relaxation and friendly communication? The answer is obvious: everything you need can be rented! For example, .


rental furniture is much cheaper than to buy it. And this has many explanations:

  1. If you furniture needs from time to time, invest a lot of money in its acquisition, it is more than unwise. The cost of the lease is at least ten times less than its purchase price. Isn't it better to spend the money on something more important?!;
  2. after the event the furniture and utensils need to be stored somewhere. Even large companies with huge warehouses (not to mention modest offices) is unlikely to agree to allocate even a small area to store equipment. In addition, furniture and equipment necessary to care for (wash, to wash, to clean, to sew), to spots on the chairs, tables and tablecloths are not reminded about the past the menu and through holes in the canvas tents should not have been in better case to contemplate the starry sky, and at worst can swim in the drops of summer rain;
  3. Each time to hold the event in the same style boring and not interesting. Therefore, the time to be creative and to make the occasion was special with a distinct thematic notes. For example, a party in country style decorated with wooden tables and chairs, and a hookah party bean bags or Ottomans. Agree that options can be plenty, and under each of them to buy attributes impractical. On the contrary, rent furniture more than profitable and logical;
  4. Many types of furniture and equipment require certain skills for installation and dismantling. And if a trained technician will collect all in a matter of minutes, you will have to suffer ten times longer.

it turns Out that buying an apartment, we want to ensure security and stability, and investing in a car, we strive to surround themselves with comfort. But buying individual species and a considerable amount of furniture is not justified. So, if you want to give the event highlights and complement the interior of the bar tables, they can just rent it. And in the case of an unexpected invasion of guests rental of inflatable mattress will be more than ever. Thus, renting furniture, you get a memorable holiday for little money.

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