Quality linens: How to choose?


high-Quality bedding is the key to a healthy and comfortable sleep. Therefore, buying your favorite kit (by the way, you can do it in the online store ) it is important to pay special attention to the composition of the fabric and its weave, not just colors.

it is Better to opt for linen, which is made from such natural materials as cotton, silk, and linen. They allow the body to breathe and perfectly absorbs moisture. By the way from the density of the weave depends directly on the permeability, thermal insulation properties and strength of linen. Next, we take a closer look at the most popular types of fabric used in the manufacture of linen.


Most popular fabric:

  • Cotton. The most popular material that is used in the manufacture of bed linen. This stems directly from the fact that it is cheap, but at the same time durable and practical material having hygroscopicity and anti-Allergy properties;
  • Len. 1 of the most durable and durable materials that can withstand up to two hundred washings. Although bed linen and flax can be a little crude, but after a while it wears off, and the paint on such clothes do not fade;
  • Silk. This material is very high quality. This bedding is a constant attribute of the interior with romantic undertones. True silk underwear is very finicky to care for. That is why it is necessary to take care about - it is best to use dry cleaning;
  • Satin. Dense, very beautiful fabric with a slight sheen. It is similar to silk, but has a lower cost. They are characterized by wear resistance and high strength (it can hold up to four loads);
  • Calico. Cheap, short-lived, not very pleasant to the touch fabric made of cotton;
  • Baptiste. Beautiful, light, very pleasant to the touch fabric made of cotton that can withstand up to seventy washings;
  • Percale. Very dense, but at the same time a thin cloth;
  • Flannel. Warm and soft, very pleasant to the body tissue, which is characterized by high strength;
  • synthetic fiber. Is made by processing natural wood.

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