The "white" ways of tax optimization: methods

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In our country there are several types of tax systems, all of them can be called low-tax, but again looking for someone. Large enterprise part of the business in "shadow" and pays the same tax that small businessman. However, not all know how in practice to use such as the possibility of tax optimization.

One thing to reflect that in the Declaration, and the other to prove in practice that the tax authorities did not find fault. But if you will be a close-knit international team, "Hill Consulting" , which knows how to optimize tax rates, deductions, not only in our country but also abroad, then worry about a positive result will not have. So, consider what legal methods used by experts.

Write off "white"

To achieve real results are not only standard methods but also various schemes. For example, tax optimization can be done in two ways, the strategic (long-term) and tactical (one-time). Depending on that it wants to receive the client also uses a different schema.

It can be deductions, benefits or delay payments, moving them to another date. The tax authorities clearly observes the law and defend every underpaid in Treasury of the ruble. So using "white" methods of optimization must be able to prove that, it is not tax evasion, and indeed legitimate, due payment.

Often use such schemes as the transition from one taxation to another, thereby reducing the tax rate, and ultimately the tax amount. Can also be used scheme is the reduction of the object of taxation levied as the result is not obtained, for example, a product and a Commission from him. This scheme works well when the tax base of the simplified tax system of 6%.

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