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Features semi-precious accents jewelry

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Any woman, even if she considers herself quite indifferent to jewelry will be pleased to receive a gift of a new, attractive decoration of gold or silver. First, it is beautiful, secondly, new product refreshes the appearance of its owner, brings a playful touch, and, of course, uplifting. So the trip to the jewelry store for many exciting event, which, at times, forward with special anticipation.

it so Happens that You have in mind already has the image of the decoration that You want to buy. But the storefront is nothing close to what You came up with yourself. Do not worry and go with bowed head. Sometimes it is worth paying attention to at all opposite options. You wanted to buy earrings with a red stone and does not consider decorating with blue insert? Try it! Give him a chance. Sometimes jewelry with stones we come alive, finding a completely different species.

amethyst Jewelry

for Example, the purple amethyst looks exquisite, majestic, goes well with any outfit. Its tranquil color is soothing, but at the same time hints that the person that wears it, can be very violent character, hiding under a peaceful disposition.


Stone garnet

Garnet a symbol of love, of passion. No wonder he attracts looks, even if Your goal was to buy earrings with a green stone. Like a grain of fruit of the same name, this stone has intense color and glitter in daylight.

depending on the lighting can become almost black, and at the same time to cast a bright, scarlet light. A wonderful stone that is perfectly suited to an intimate formal setting, the dinner party at the restaurant, and, consequently, to a festive exquisite toilet.


Who can be interested in blue Topaz

the Blue Topaz looks great in rings and earrings. He adorns and refresh any outfit. The heavenly blue color, of course, very good for blondes or girls with light skin. Together they emit more light and calm. But that doesn't mean it can't wear brunette. Decoration with Topaz graceful and majestic at the same time, a housewife can become a person that possesses these characteristics.



Another stone worthy of attention alexandrite. Earrings with lilac alexandrite is incredibly luxurious, it is possible to tell, have a Royal grandeur. In combination with gold look expensive and stylish. Lilac gamma is great for brunettes and girls with brown eyes.


Stone quartz jewelry

I would like to mention another beautiful stone quartz. In the green version it looks no worse and sometimes even better than the emerald. Cold saturated green color at the same time has a warm aura. Earrings or rings with quartz have a special character and not accept any other neighborhood.

So no need to overload the image of the other gold products, quartz perfectly cope with this alone. Earrings with quartz, suitable for both women and young girls. The woman he emphasize the status, experience and wisdom, and the young lady adds intrigue and mystique.


Cheap alternative

Many people often underestimate the cubic Zirconia because it is a fairly simple, low-cost stone. But because of this, many decorations just become much more accessible to other by price, however, they have the same appeal. Cubic Zirconia can be not only white, but also pink, blue that allows you to choose a pair of earrings for any taste and preference. Nice price allows you to indulge yourself in moments when I want something new for myself.

it's Nice that decorations with these and many other inserts, including precious, you can buy at the store the Gold Standard : .

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