In Israel, a new immunotherapy for leukaemia

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If your doctor has diagnosed the best option to obtain the affordable modern medical care. Advanced Israeli hospital Assuta provides the most effective and safe methods of treatment of leukemia. The team uses a variety of tests to diagnose and determine the type of the disease. These procedures help to identify abnormalities and quantitative ratio of various types of blood cells. Some tests also show changes in the bone marrow, or genetic and molecular composition of leukemic cells.

Physicians from the treatment of leukemia in the hospital Assuta up an individual therapeutic plan and select the drugs based on specific genes that have abnormal changes in a specific patient. It should be noted that Israeli experts played an important role in the development of several new drugs and has conducted research proving the efficacy of new methods of immunotherapy.

currently, Assuta spends a lot of clinical trials that make new drugs available, even when they are still under development. One of the areas of excellence in the treatment of leukemia is immunotherapy.

Immunotherapy of leukemia in Israel

In some cases, patients with leukemia and prescribed immunotherapy checkpoint. Inhibitors of checkpoint work due to the fact that he is a natural brake on immune system so that immune cells called T-cells recognize and attack tumors. This therapy is sometimes called blocking immune checkpoints, because the molecule that acts as a brake on immune cells, a checkpoint is blocked by the drug.

Israeli researchers took part in the development of checkpoint inhibitors and demonstrated the safety and effectiveness of its approach to the treatment of cancer patients. The checkpoint inhibitors have shown good results in the fight against melanoma and lung cancer. Now these drugs are being tested in the hospital Assuta against sarcoma, lymphoma, leukemia and other cancers.

One of the most popular of immunomodulatory drugs is Ipilimumab . This drug blocks the protein checkpoint CTLA-4. The other two funds, Keytruda and Opdivo , aimed at controlling another protein called PD-1. A third drug, Tatlisumak directed to PD-L1. These drugs became available in the last few years.

Immune drugs are administered intravenously. The duration of treatment is usually from 30 to 60 minutes; number of sessions can vary depending on the type of cancer and drugs.

Inhibitors of immune checkpoints, as a rule, less toxic and easier to administer than most chemotherapy drugs. Unlike some types of chemotherapy, immunotherapy does not require prior training, such as hydration.

patients with a diagnosis of leukemia Israel takes from different countries. To sign up to the doctor, go through a quick diagnosis and modern treatment, with the possibility of taking part in Russian clinical trials patients helps the official representative of Assuta hospital in Russia.

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