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In the treatment and diagnosis of can not do without special equipment. Medications can be effective, but a number of procedures make their maximum impact. But magnet therapy can be administered as the sole treatment method or in combination with other options. Often this procedure is resorted to for preventive purposes. The ability to emit various types of magnetic fields makes the device for magnetotherapy is very effective in the treatment and prevention of a wide range of diseases. Due to a significant improvement of microcirculation, increases blood flow in tissues, organs, which positively affects the functioning of the whole organism.

in Virtually every facility has such a device, but to undergo the procedure in the hospital is conveniently not in every case. Therefore become increasingly popular shampoos that are designed for home use. Despite the fact that the useful effect of magnetic therapy undeniable (increase the level of heparin in the blood, increased prostaglandin synthesis, increased level of body's immunity), before use should definitely consult your doctor. So often this procedure is prescribed to combat inflammation in body tissues.

the Beneficial properties of magnetic therapy

in addition to all these positive effects on human body, magneto therapy helps in solving the problems of the Central nervous system. So, patients experience quality sleep, reduced irritability. Allergic reactions are excluded, no significant irritation of the skin with the use of the apparatus does not occur.

a Separate item is worth to highlight the possibilities of magnetotherapy in the treatment and prevention of dangerous diseases such as prostatitis. In this case, you will need to purchase a special machine. Needless to say, when the prostate elimination of edema, inflammation and improve blood circulation is a priority with which the magnet is good enough. The unit can be used with drugs or without them.

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