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the products of the company Bitrix, this is an ideal solution for medium and small businesses. They provide an opportunity to exploit and to create a modern online projects with min costs. So, CMS "1C-Bitrix" is very widely used by large organizations and enterprises, as well as educational and government institutions. By the way, is already available on the website

Through the use of software products of this company for a great number of organizations online project ceases neotemlimoy component of corporate infrastructure, along with software applications for the office.

Today the developers of Bitrix max attention paid to the child Bitrix: website Management , which in turn, through effective and integrated solution for management of modern web-projects - became very popular. This software starting with v 6.0, is implemented under the new TM 1C-Bitrix: website Management .


Key points that Bitrix focuses are:

  • security;
  • compliance costs result;
  • adaptability;
  • the validity of the effort and costs;
  • reliability;
  • the possibility of developing the online project with min of labor and financial costs for its maintenance.

now let's consider the main advantages of 1C-Bitrix: website Management .


Main "+" system are:

  1. Ease of maintenance. Management of the web site is fully automated, focuses on ordinary user;
  2. Versatility. Is a software product of choice for creating web sites of any complexity and subject matter;
  3. Reliability. The website is working stable even with very high attendance on a regular basis;
  4. Security. The system is equipped with special. modules and has the highest level of protection from unauthorized access and tampering.
  5. Status. High-quality and reliable tool for doing business is a reflection of the high status of its owner;
  6. You can create a couple of web sites on the basis of the 1st copies of the software product;
  7. a Powerful system of web-Analytics and statistics. This gives you the opportunity to analyze and optimize the expenses on the promotion of your site and advertising in the Global Web;
  8. ongoing development. All updates of the product is based on a technology site update in semi-automatic mode.

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