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dishwasher, washing machine, microwave, electric stove, warm floors, high-quality lighting, but not to pay for electricity? It seems that this is just a myth, tales that are not destined to be realized? By no means! Today there are actually alternative sources of energy, which many people know, but not every owner of a country house decides to use them. A good example is solar panels installed on the roof of the house.

Technical aspects

Is this structure that produces completely free electricity:

  • of the panels (which are mounted on the roof);
  • batteries accumulating energy, which collected most of these solar panel;
  • inverter.

of Course, use some expenditure and revenue materials. Even after system installation (from time to time) will need regular maintenance of the installation. In some cases, seasonal migration scheme. Nothing complicated. The main thing is to preoccupy the acquisition of the station, to once and forever get rid of excessively high utility bills, high bills for electricity.

Now the light will be absolutely free, do not have to pay for the use of household appliances, don't have to limit yourself in the comfort of the communal benefits of living in a country house.

criteria for the selection of the station

Tech in the solar station must be selected for your home, cottage, commercial buildings with knowledge of the matter. For homes where a minimum of household appliances, suitable for low-power system. But for fans of technological progress and living outside the city need a more powerful station that collects enough sunlight transformed into electrical energy. You will need a more capacious battery, it's possible some battery.

If this system is selected as the main unit of the power supply of the cottage, you need to think in advance about where will be located station (panels) on the roof or on a free area next to the house.

the more electricity needed, the more panels installed on the roof or near the house. This point must be considered. But the most competent option to expert professional advice that will help you choose properly, will talk about how the installation of the panels, whether you need maintenance and regular reconfiguration of the device, according to the season. The only way to be able to optimally select the station and not to make a mistake.

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