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the online store is engaged in sale of generics. In the shop You will find any inexpensive tool according to your desires and criteria, and we will do a quick delivery, so You enjoying intimacy.

the Advantage of buying in our online store:

  • price by that which we have no rents;
  • the
  • lack of queue.
  • the
  • there is no need to buy on the street;
  • the
  • Have the ability to slowly read the reviews, choose the for all your desires and criteria item
  • the
  • And if you have questions, You with pleasure will quickly answer employees.
  • the
  • the output To get exactly the product that you want.

People are not unique, and from time to time people get sick, and at this point people think about drugs. But because of the high cost pharmacy means that not all available, people begin to seek a way out of the situation, but as medicine is not in place, was invented generics.

having Heard the word generate, people get scared. So let's dispel all the fears and understand what is generics.


What are generics?

Gnereic is the same medicines which are off patent, or comes into, the sale after the expiration of the license. The word generic (or otherwise known as generic ) translated to English means generic . It means that drug names generics are more extensively. Let's take the example of the well-known drug no-Spa . No-Spa is translated from English literally No Spa(smam) ,which includes chemical substance called drotaverine hydrochloride , and generics are available simply under the name of active chemical substance of drotaverine hydrochloride . That is generici often usually are known basic substance, they do not have the thunder of the name or commercial brand.

You ask again the main active ingredients of generic drugs and medicines are the same, so why is the price different? Answer, the price is lower because there is no expenditure on marketing research, there is no investment on advertising, on laboratory tests, generieke usually absent excipients(for example, a well-known brand THERAFLU has dye, flavor, vitamin, and its counterpart generic Paracetamol , which has no dye or flavors, or vitamins).

you Never expect to catch in the intimate sphere, but it happens sometimes. Then the relationship deteriorates, there is depression, lack of confidence, and to have sex just vanishes all desire. Or want to experience more of something in bed. After all, there are two principles of attraction spiritual and physical. If the spiritual can be saved on an unconscious level, something physical to keep in our power. In these two cases there is one solution!

Turn our attention on a tool such as Viagra . This medicine was invented in Britain in 1992 and has relevance to this day. Habit people the means to improve the quality of intimate relationships called viagra. But today the market is very much drugs generics analogy viagra. A lot of varieties of generic drugs: tablets, jelly, sucking candy, capsules, as well there are different country of origin.

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