Preparation of technical plan


Preparing and compiling the technical plan, as well as the production of land registration in the cadastral books is a priority stage of property owners in the design of the site or any transactions with him. In the list of facilities subject to this procedure includes not only land, but houses, garages, apartments and other buildings. Primarily, this is due to the fact that the Technical plan for the cadastral registration allows the owner or the owner of the facility in the future to dispose of them at its discretion. To date, any transaction which appears immovable property shall accordingly be issued and entered in the register of the state Federal service.

service Cost

the Preparation of techplan, and is a paid service. It should be noted that the price of registration of the technical plan is an important aspect not only for the customer but for the technician responsible for the proper completion of tasks. Experts say that to include the cost of writing a plan is possible only at 80 percent. The remaining 20 percent is impossible to determine in view of the fact that during the execution of such works often unforeseen situations, the solution of which may require additional costs. In order to reduce the likelihood of additional costs, the customer needs to provide as much detailed information and documents on immovable object for a detailed study of the situation the specialist.

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