PHP: What is it and what is it for?

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Now, this programming language, as PHP is pretty common, but for some reason it is most often used for creating all kinds of scripts for web pages, and the Internet in General. Also, this language can be used to create various programs, and no worse than those that are written, for example, in C++ or Delphi hedgehog.

the logical question is: What exactly can be create on PHP? . Answer:

  • If you make web pages or the Internet, it is possible to create, for example: guest books, forums, chat rooms, however this requires experience;
  • If you're doing for a certain program, it is possible to create something like agent program that is able to click on the buttons in a given area and a specified window.

In General, you can create almost anything you want, but in order to accomplish this, of course, need to see real examples, to read books or take an online course on PHP (by the way, completely free of charge this can be done ).


and now a little about PHP scripts designed for users of the Global Web.

in Order to create your script, it is necessary initially to look at similar scripts, carefully study the code in which this script is functioning correctly. Initially it makes no sense to look at the bulky scripts, for a start it is enough to watch one of the free scripts that are available in a huge number on the Internet. To download this script will not make absolutely no problems.

it is Worth noting that initially it is even better you do not attempt to create your own CMS, how could you not like it. It is better to study simple scripts, like the statistics page of the website - this will be enough. After you review the code by which the script operates, it will be possible to ask questions that are directly associated with it (to do it on specialized sites, blogs and forums that are devoted to this subject).

For testing and debugging PHP scripts and scenarios, you will need to install it on my PC local server.

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