How to efficiently learn English: courses, independently or with a tutor?


Organization of education for children is almost clear. You can just focus on school curriculum and as a complementary material should only choose the course and download textbooks on the English language.

What is the situation in adults? First we need to define the level of language, to objectively evaluate yourself to determine the motivation, the degree of perseverance and self-reliance. It is important factors. If you are well able to organize and allocate time, laziness you are not familiar, you learn the language. Fortunately, the Internet many audio and video lessons and materials for different levels. If you need extra encouragement and regular kick , it is best to ask teachers. There are also many of English the site where you can free download any books in English.

coaching and courses. What to choose?

  1. For the individual lesson you only hear a student teacher who will correct your every error in speech. When working in groups students often learn the error of their interlocutors and the teacher does not always hears and corrects them.
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  3. Checking and evaluating homework is an individual and not the front surface. The courses a teacher is simply not able to discuss in detail the work of each. It's too costly.
  4. New material is explained according to your pace of learning, in your preferred size and shape.


Courses is a lottery. A lot depends on the other participants of the process. On the one hand we can see, hear, and learn from others. Healthy competition is a great motivator motivating. Looking for like minded, willing to learn new knowledge will be a plus. But we are all different and any English lesson one student can be learned easily, and different material will be difficult. In speaking, some students hesitate, afraid to make a mistake, look silly.

If we talk about Finance, then training in a group is cheaper than lessons with a tutor in the English language.


Individualized learning is much more effective, more deepened and efficiently. The teacher adjusts to your level of mastery of the material, chooses the methods of individual work. If for some reason you had to miss the class, it is always possible to work, what can be said about the courses. Gaps in knowledge, like a snowball, accumulating, require independent study, often leading to loss of interest.

The budget option for independent study. Most manuals are freely available. It is recommended that download Oxford English, the Longman Handbook or other foreign sources. You can also download the tutorials of the language of Russian authors, watch video lessons, listen to audio books, read topics in the English language.

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