Delivery of cargoes from China to Russia

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1 of the most important stages of doing business with China is . All Russian businessmen have their own way of delivery of goods from China. Next, we review the main types of delivery of goods from China.


Principal delivery of goods from China:

  1. Shipment. If the priority for you is urgency, then delivery of the aircraft is the most suitable. With the variety of delivery because of the peculiarity of the transport and clearance of cargo, which is the least crashes and reboots as a result of the emergence of losses is minimized. 1-ow characteristics of the air transportation is fast processing. But 2nd hand, delivery of aircraft is quite expensive + the weight and volume of cargo is very limited. But whatever it was, the airline has a 1-in plus a wide network of airports in China, which allows to deliver the products in many regions and cities of Russia from every region of China.
  2. shipping by rail. Rail links to China has some peculiarities. For example, the railroad may not be suitable for all Chinese plants and factories, as a result, the item must be take by road. Also certain difficulties and adds the difference in track width. That is, the load will need a couple of overload that can lead to time delays and damage to goods. And with the 2nd hand, if the factory / plant located in mainland China, and delivery place is located in the Asian part of Russia, then shipping is fast, and its time - guaranteed;
  3. motor transport. By car you can also transport the container from the manufacturer from China. But there are nuances: if to China, the road condition improves, then in Russia this is still a serious problem. To bring the goods on the car from Vladivostok to Central Russia, of course real, but the cargo can be badly damaged and it will be very long;
  4. Sea. The most popular and popular form of delivery of goods from China to Russia. The majority of factories located in China's coastal cities and regions. In addition to all carriage of goods by sea are the most cheap;
  5. Multimodal transportation. This is nothing but a comprehensive variety of delivery using several types of transport.

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