The distinctive characteristics of European Windows KBE and REHAU

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nowadays, perhaps, in any modern apartment or a private house installed plastic Windows, enjoying great prevalence and demand among the owners of their own homes. The variety of plastic window blocks is simply amazing, therefore very often an inexperienced landlord or a country cottage, wants to change the old wooden similar products in more fashionable PVC box, hard to stop its decision on a specific modification called design. That is why in our paper we consider in more detail the main characteristics of the most known in our country German plastic Windows manufacturers: KBE and REHAU. Note that the order represented manufacturers in the company Graff company .

we'll Start with considering the features of plastic window frames company KBE. First of all, it should be said that the key distinguishing feature of named Windows is that the plastic mass of the system is made by special nanotehnologii GreenLine , so it is one of the best cutting-edge materials used to execute Windows are PVC. In total, the average cost of plastic window products company KWE is three thousand Russian rubles.

as for the REHAU company, I can say that she is pervoezasedanie of PVC window-profile. Moreover, the window frame is submitted by a manufacturer are of the highest level of sound absorption and excellent thermal insulation. In addition, the above construction is widely known for its practicality and plainness. If we talk about the cost of production of REHAU, the average ordering of Windows, the company will be a little higher in comparison with the above-described plastic Windows, and their cost will be more than three and a half thousand Russian rubles.

So, as you can see, both the first and second Windows are the manufacturer of PVC has its positive distinctive features which any owner of these window products may not doubt their reliability and durability.

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