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In modern times, this sphere of activity like manufacture of packing from a cardboard of raw materials , very quickly developing. First of all, this popularity is due to the fact that the predominant characteristics of the cartons obvious to a substantial part of the companies-manufacturers of a wide variety of products. Boxes out of ordinary cardboard and corrugated cardboard raw material is very convenient for transportation any goods that due to their light weight. Besides, the name of the product ensure excellent safety of the goods and their protection against various kinds of deformation.

At the present period of time when fabricatie packaging products made of cardboard used several main types of cardboard materials: - corrugated cardboard, the traditional corrugated cardboard, binding cardboard material and chrome-ersatz cardboard design, which is increasingly popular when you run gift boxes. Consider in more detail these types of packaging materials.

the micro-can be a double and triple. It is used when you pack it products of various kinds: from food products to electronics. Described from type material boxes are made of different shapes.

the typical corrugated cardboard used for shipping containers and for laying large-sized products. Corrugated Board can be three-layer, five-layer and seven-layer.

Bindery cardboard is used to manufacture book covers, and also covers identity. It happens that it is used to create gift boxes.

Chrome-ersatz is most often used to run packages for gifts. It is produced from primary fibers, i.e. cellulose and wood, in connection with which price category for the material is much higher. However, the thickness of it is less, but the density is high enough. On chrome-ersatz to apply excellent offset printing and lamination, embossed, UV varnish, flexographic printing, and various other specialized processing technology. This type of packaging raw materials used most commonly for packing stationery, food, cosmetic products, haberdashery products, and more.

Disincanto has the largest number of variants. Most often the name of the material used to create business cards, envelopes, folders and so on.

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