Why you should wear a wrist watch


many people doubt the need of a wristwatch, arguing their point of view that technological and scientific progress has stepped so far, that time can be viewed on the running line the Windows of supermarkets, household appliances, PC monitors and displays gadgets (tablets, phones, smartphones). From this comes up the question: "why do I wrist ?" - is very reasonable.


5-five reasons to buy a wrist watch:

  • Convenience. Of course, today to know the time you can and with the help of electronic gadgets. But not in all situations and everywhere, it will be convenient to get your smartphone back Trouser pocket or handbags. For example: business meeting and formal reception not involve such hassles. And look at the wrist will be much more impressive;
  • Practicality. Modern models of watches have additional options which substantially optimize favorite hobby, playing sports and active pastime. For example, watch for fishermen have built-in compass, thermometer and barometer. And sports models have a pedometer, alarm clock, stopwatch and heart rate monitor;
  • Style. Watches are stylish and fashionable addition to any image that can correct accents and to make the selected image the right touches. Many models that are decorated in all sorts of directions and styles, necessarily suitable man-extremals, and business woman, and fans to draw attention;
  • Prestige. Original wrist watch is respectable. The original world-known brands today are valued much more than the new devices latest series;
  • Uniqueness. Watches perfectly convey the character of the owner, his preferences and life principles, reflecting his inner world the color palette, the exclusive design of the dial, etc. For example: serious, conservative men like Swiss watches for discerning fashionistas fashion accessories, creative individuals design vivid instances and progressive young people watch in a casual style.

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