Technical translation: What is it?


a Specialist who carries out the translation of texts technical directions must be able to transfer the contents of the original without distorting its meaning. A paraphrase of the original loss of the information in this case is strictly prohibited. That is why a translator must know not just linguistic norms, but also the very subject of the presentation. Also, you should avoid these stylistic defects, such as:

  1. the ambiguity (amorphous) complex sentences;
  2. bad phrasing (parasitic coupling);
  3. the offset of the logical stress.

Real experts can accomplish , while retaining clarity and clarity of the source text, as they are not abusing bulky turnovers and kantselyarizmami that directly impede the perception of the material.


Technical translation: Basic rules

when translating technical texts, the translator must have the desire to briefly and clearly convey the meaning of the text. It is necessary, that the reader was able to obtain the necessary information, conducted the study not only of material, but only fragments of interest. 1 of the most important rules of technical literature is a certain sequence of thoughts (i.e. building a logical chain).

2nd specific feature is the desire to reduce transliteration. If the source text is found, the unknown translator of the term, he initially makes an attempt to figure out its meaning by using dictionaries and reference books. If you find a suitable definition he does not succeed, then, may be translated in a descriptive way. This method is more effective for transliteration (that is, the replacement of the letters of the 1st alphabet to the symbols of the 2nd).


Competent translator: What should it be?

Performing such work as technical translation, 1 of the most common means of communication is English. This is due to the fact that a large part of the manuals and reference documentation that is printed in English. Therefore fluency in this language is a requirement for professionals in the field of technical translation.

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