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since Ancient times, people intuitively have guessed about the relation of specific points on the body and organs and systems. From these teachings came into being later two areas: reflexology and massage, which are still actively used to get rid of many ailments. The word massage is from the Greek word meaning to knead , to knead . As a healing method, it is actively used already in the third Millennium BC.

a Huge number of pharmacological agents allows to cure any illnesses. But the drug is not able to displace massage of human goods. And if drugs have specific side-effects, by means of mechanical impact on the body hurt almost impossible.

with the expansion of knowledge in the field of physiology has evolved and massage. It began to stand out separate subspecies responsible for the renewal of specific organs and systems:

  • classic;
  • the
  • treatment;
  • the
  • beauty;
  • the
  • and hygiene.

the Enemy and assistant

most Often, such a therapeutic method massage people resort in case of occurrence of the disease. Impacting directly on the receptor grid, it also touches the deep structures, which include tissues, organs, vessels. Choosing the right methods of influence allows you to enhance the blood circulation and the flow of the lymphatic fluid. This stimulation increases the production of biologically active substances, thus enhancing the body's immunity.

multiplicity of the procedures selected on the basis of the clinical picture of the disease, and can vary from 5 to 12 sessions. Although this method of healing is considered to be highly effective, it has certain contraindications. Therapeutic massage is strictly prohibited for patients with tumors of any origin. It can't be done in case of skin diseases or disorders of the skin in the treated area. When the temperature of the body using massage techniques entails a worsening of the patient's condition.

These contraindications are General. But there are also specific instructions in the case when the expected benefit from treatment exceeds the risks. For example, with diffuse changes in the cervical area of therapeutic massage is shown, but gently. It shall act only on the receptors, without affecting the underlying structure.

Before going to a massage therapist be sure to tell us about problems, chronic diseases. Without a preliminary examination to initiate procedures is prohibited.

There is another effective method of achieving complete relaxation. It is the . His work is aimed at improving mood, harmonize life forces. And if massage is contra, then this resource simply does not exist.

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